We have developed these free apps using third party tools like Google and Woorank to help edit, measure and manage your website.

Website Analytics

Measurement, understanding and improvement using Google Analytics.

Now you can see visitors, page views, bounce rates and more by date range and for specific pages, all within the admin panel of envisage. Most importantly, you don’t need to be a Google Analytics expert to understand the simple graphs.

Google Analytics


Webform builder

Easily create powerful webforms in envisage

Using drag and drop technology and multiple field types, you can create forms for collecting all kinds of information from your site visitors.

Simple configuration allows you to specify a thank you page and the email address for form submissions. You can also export the submissions as a csv so you can analyse the data in any system you like.

envisage Mobile

Edit your site on the move.

You no longer have to be sat at your desk to create amazing websites with envisage. You can add and edit pages, upload images and add widgets. Pages submitted by others can also be viewed and approved or rejected - all on your mobile or tablet.


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