We understand that one system cannot do everything and that our customers already have their favorite CRM / Email system. So we have started to integrate with external systems using their APIs (That’s geek-speak for how software components speak to each-other)

Google Maps

Add multiple offices/locations/points of interest on a Google Map.

Add multiple points on a map, either by searching by town, street or postcode or by simply dragging a pointer to the exact point on the map you require.

Custom pointers can be added to really personalise your map along with the exact information that appears in the bubble.


Automatically subscribe users to your mailchimp lists.

By simply selecting the "mailchimp" option in the formbuilder, you can connect to your account and select which form fields will populate which mailchimp lists. Then you can set up your auto-resoponders and hey-presto! envisage and mailchimp are linked!

More coming soon...

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