Management and administration

This helps keep your website in order and secure.

Organisations have different ways of managing their websites and content editors. envisage works for teams of one to one thousand.

Image / document management

Upload and manage your web assets

With drag-and-drop functionality, adding new content is quick and easy. And with folder management, search and categorisation, you will never lose a file or need to re-upload an image again. 

Approval Process

Simple workflow enables control of content publication

Control what content is made live on your site by having different users responsible for different sections of the site. Once a page is submitted, an approver can view the changes side-by-side and decide if the page should be published straight away or by applying live dates.

Users and Groups

Control who is responsible for what.

Users in envisage can be added as part of specific groups which have view, read, edit and approval rights for different parts of the site.

Link Manager

Never have have a dead link again.

When pages are moved or deleted a 301 redirect will automatically be added that will remember the previous location of your page and link to the new one. You can also use this tool to create campaign specific URLs/

Update Manager

When we make something better, you get it.

We have a team of developers who love to innovate, improve and fix, so updates come often. As soon as they do, the update manager icon appears and you can read through the release notes and update envisage. Learn more about our complete list of features.

Page Expiry

Auto archive pages whenever you like.

Web content should be dynamic and constantly changing. With this feature, a page can be set to automatically archive on a set date and time. So you don’t have to worry about remembering to removing it.

Audit Trail

Trace all changes made by everyone.

With complete traceability on all changes made to the system, by everyone using it, it is possible to understand where mistakes have been made by users or where a change was made intentionally. Reports by user make the understanding of data even easier.

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