envisage has been built to be usable by everyone.

If you can update your LinkedIN or twitter account you can use envisage. Simple as that.

Real-time WYSIWYG editing.

What You See NOW Is What You Get.

Everything you add; from images, content, videos, maps to news and social feeds; look exactly in envisage as they will on your finished website.

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It works in any browser

Now everyone gets to enjoy the envisage experience

There are now no restrictions in using envisage. It works in IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari on the PC and Firefox, Chrome and Safari on the Mac. It also works on iPad, iPhone and android devices.

Dynamic image editing

Enhance, rotate, crop and more...

With envisage’s advanced image editing suite, you can manipulate every element of the image without the need for  any expensive, hard to use photo software. Edited images are saved as versions so if you don’t like what you have done, you can revert back to the original.

image editor

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Simple to use

Start creating content in seconds

As soon as you start building a website using envisage you will realise how easy it is to use.

envisage uses simply labeled toolbars, tooltips, clearly defined content areas and show/hide menus to streamline the content creation and editing process.


Made a mistake? Don’t worry about it.

If you accidentally delete some content or an image, or you select and type over some text...don’t worry, you can simply click on undo or tap CTRL / CMD and Z and your change will be undone. Also with the revert to live option, you can undo everything that has been done on the page since it was last submitted and approved.

Video tutorials

Everything that can be done in envisage can be learned by video.

We have spent countless hours creating video tutorials for all of the commands, functions and widgets of envisage, making it easy to work out how to do absolutely anything.


Create your own templates

Add, move and remove content areas to make your own styles.

By clicking on the unlock icon you can add new content areas or delete, move and resize existing ones. This allows the flow of pages to be much more personal to the actual content. This feature can be locked to prevent less sophisticated users from making changes to the look and feel of pages.

More features...

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