Drag and drop.

Widgets are little bits of awesomeness that you can drag into your website to make it come to life: Maps, videos, forms, share buttons and more.

Google Maps

Add multiple offices/locations/points of interest on a Google Map.

Add multiple points on a map, either by searching by town, street or postcode or by simply dragging a pointer to the exact point on the map you require.

Custom pointers can be added to really personalise your map along with the exact information that appears in the bubble.




Embed YouTube and Vimeo video or upload your own.

By dragging the Videos widget into any content area, you can upload your own content or select videos from YouTube or Vimeo. You can select the width and height so that the video fits perfectly on your page.

Image Gallery

Add beautiful lightbox image galleries.

You can upload images into envisage by dragging and dropping and you can add those images to galleries with categories that site visitors can filter. You can also link directly to a flickr account.

Social Sharing

Share your content with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Simply drag the social media widget onto a page the icons will appear. Any visitor can click on the appropriate icon and your visitors can share your content with the world.

Twitter feeds

Share with your visitors what you share with the world.

By dragging the twitter icon onto your website, you can display tweets by @user or by #subject.

Shared content

Create content once and use it everywhere.

The shared content widget allows you to re-purpose your content throughout any site that you have built using envisage.


Articles, search, filters, archive and more.

Create your article, add metadata and watch it automatically distribute across your site. Visitors will be able to search and filter articles by what interests them.


Create events with a calendar view.

Create a page filled with rich content, describing your event, meeting, party - whatever... Then tag it with a title, image and description, as well as start and end dates and times and it will be automatically added to an events calendar and list - add booking options and your visitors can book direct.


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