envisage : The Next Step From Immediacy

With the support and development of Immediacy now coming to an end, and much of our team having worked on the original product, envisage is the natural progression in Web Content Management. It uses the same core technologies to power it, such as Microsoft .NET and SQL,  and we’ve massively improved upon it’s ease of use and features.

Let us introduce … envisage

As our development team worked on the original Immediacy product, we know it inside out. We have used our learnings to develop something special; a content management system that has all of the great easy-to-use features that made Immediacy so popular, but improves on all of the features and removes the bugs and issues.

Migrating from Immediacy

We know that migrating from one CMS to another can be a huge undertaking.

Our extensive understanding of immediacy has enabled us to create a unique migration tool that imports all of your pages, metadata, user permissions, images, videos and documents into a brand new envisage website.

  •  envisage uses the same core technology as immediacy allowing custom built functionality to work automatically.
  •  It can be installed on exactly the same hardware and infrastructure as immediacy
  •  It works with ALL browsers and operating systems

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