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“We work beside our agency partners to support new client relationships and help strengthen existing ones.”

Envisage cms uses next generation in-context-editing, dynamic personalisation, Google tools integration, event management, e-commerce and lots more.

When demonstrated to your prospective clients, it delivers an elegant and inspiring experience that showcases and connects to their brand. Envisage has been crafted around the needs of digital marketers.

With an average sale price of £15,000 that can become a good source of revenue for any agency. After year one, the commission is 10% for the first five licenses sold and 20% thereafter.

We’re adaptable in our approach and development. We listen to our agency partners and their clients requirements, if we see an opportunity to enhance the Envisage platform we include it in our development planning.

IT Managers love it.

Organisations want to use a CMS that is extendable, robust and supportable. Envisage CMS is written using Microsoft .NET and SQL so it will tick all IT Managers procurement boxes allowing you to cruise along the sales process and concentrate on the fun things like the creativity of a dynamic award winning website.

The support is UK based and here to help you.

Our partner support scheme puts your team in touch with the envisage development team and will set you up with everything you need to build your first sites.

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We are currently looking for more agency partners. If you are an awesome creative agency or a talented technical agency we want to hear from you. There are amazing sales incentives for our partners so, please fill out the form below and we can start a beautiful friendship...

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