• Control and publish your content with ease

    envisage makes it easy to control what each user can do and who publishes content on your site.

  • Edit your website on the go

    envisage mobile means that you are always on hand to approve new content, plus you can create pages right on your mobile device.

  • Say hello to a new kind of Content Management System

    envisage makes the management of websites simple. It is so intuitive that you can start creating exciting content in seconds.

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Content management is easier than you think.

envisage is a Content Management System that is extremely easy to use. It has a true "What You See Is What You Get" WYSIWYG editor that can be accessed via any browser or mobile device. Websites are responsive so render perfectly on computers, tablets and mobiles.

It is developed using Microsoft technologies, so it will always be secure, stable and supported.

It has tons of features, including; video, Google Maps, dynamic image editing, create-your-own-templates, Google Analytics and events.

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Real-time WYSIWYG editing.

What You See NOW is What You Get.

Everything you add; from images, content, videos, maps to news and social feeds; look exactly in envisage as they will on your finished website.

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Envisage Editor Screenshot

The web is responsive.

Don’t be limited by a site that doesn’t adapt.

Edit your site as a mobile, tablet or browser, so you can make your content work on all devices. Plus, with the envisage multi-device preview, you can see exactly how your site will look and work on every type of device.

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Add widgets to make your site awesome.

Simply drag and drop to add exciting content to your website.

Widgets are little bits of awesomeness that you can drag into your website to make it come to life: Maps, videos, forms, share buttons and more.

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Measure your success.

Measure, understand and improve with integrated Google Analytics.

You can see visitors, page views, bounce rates and more. Use this information to make the changes you need to improve your site’s traffic, all in one place.

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Latest features

  • Responsive editing
    May 02nd, 2013

    Responsive editing

    The new responsive editing feature allows you to change the editor to view the site as a mobile or tablet as well as a browser, so you can make changes to your content as if you were viewing on your iPad or Galaxy SIII.

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  • Multi-device preview
    May 03rd, 2013

    Multi-device preview

    With the envisage multi-device preview, you can see how your site will look in multiple browsers, tablets and phones, each preview opens in a different window with the device as a background to really show you how it will look.

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